Macs Fish and Chips

I discovered this place on complete accident. I was driving back from a park where my girlfriend her brother and I were walking our dog. I absolutely live for a complete dive. This place literally used to be an old gas station. My girlfriend looked at me like I was nuts but I said we gotta at least check it out. When you walk inside there is boxes of russet potatoes on The ground and a couple tables with hot sauce and malt vinegar. The guy that took my order was super friendly and answered any questions I had. He told me the walleye was the most popular. They also have cod, halibut and clams. We got the walleye combo it comes wrapped in newspaper(which is a great sign If you didn’t know) with 3 big pieces of fresh, flakey, perfectly fried fish and perfectly thin salty fries and coleslaw. I am by no means a fish and chips expert but I will tell you this is the best fish and chips I’ve ever had and this place is worth the drive. I’ve been twice in 4 days. I found out about it 4 days ago…





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3 thoughts on “Macs Fish and Chips

  1. Yes, it is the Best ~ OK change your headline ~ St. Paul needs to get credit as Minneapolis has so much to offer St. Paul needs any credit it can earn 🙂 🙂

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