Clancey’s Meat and Fish

Let me start off by saying Clancey’s is the best butcher shop in the Twin Cities period. Is it expensive? Yes. Is the place so busy that it can take 20 minutes to get some help? Yes. Would I ever buy my meat anywhere else? No. I discovered Clancey’s about 4 years ago when I used to live in the Linden Hills neighborhood. The owner Kristen truly cares about providing Minneapolis with the freshest, most humane, organic and gorgeous pieces of meat possible. People always ask me what are the must buys and this is what I say: BACON  It is the best I’ve ever had. Yes I’ve had Allen Benton’s. They are very different but I’ve held several blind taste tests and there’s no question Clancey’s bacon always prevails. EGGS They come from the Uecker family farms. These eggs are so fresh I have had feathers in the box. STOCK Where else can you get delicious homemade organic stock and glacé? They have lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, pork and veal.  STEAK They have the most gorgeous dinosaur ribeye.  SANDWICHES They have homemade roast beef, turkey, corned beef, turkey and tuna salad along with every other delicious condiment on freshly baked Rustica bread  that is delivered daily! They carry all cuts of meat not just boneless skinless chicken breasts if you know what I’m saying. They make their own duck confit. They have the best ground beef ever. Their sausages are all scratch made and to die for. I could keep rambling for hours but I think you get the idea. I absolutely love this place and whether you are a serious cook or not, pop in for a sandwich and support a local business.






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