112 Eatery

112 is one of my favorite restaurants in Minneapolis. They have an eclectic menu and like to change the menu items up. It is no secret that chef Isaac Becker knows what he’s doing. One of my only qualms with this place is getting in can be a challenge. However, if you are a late night person you shouldn’t have a problem because they are open until 1 am most nights. If you are going to 112 for the first time I think it’s mandatory for you to try the 112 burger. This burger is magical. The meat is flavored with caramelized onions and thyme that has been mixed into the beef before cooking. Then they cook it perfectly with a fat slab of ooey gooey brie. It is served on a half crispy half fluffy English muffin. I must say this is a true piece of magic. I am going to go out and say it –  this is the best burger in town. Now, if you are going to get the burger it’s mandatory you get the fries. Perfectly cooked every time and served with tarragon aioli. Oh my God this sauce should be illegal. I always order two. Now that I have gotten my burger rant on, lets talk about the rest of the menu. I love all of the following. The 112 steak tartare or the unprepared tartare which you mix together yourself are both wonderful.  The sautéed sweetbreads in porcini & clam sauce is a true hidden gem on the menu bursting with flavor. The cauliflower fritters are my girlfriend’s favorite and a great way of proving that ANYONE can like cauliflower. The pan-fried gnocchi with parmesan reggiano is a killer dish, plain and simple.  Both the stringozzi with lamb sugo and the tagliatelle with foie gras meatballs are great pasta dishes. The nori encrusted sirloin w/ponzu, frog legs, bacon egg & harissa, prosciutto fry bread and duck pate bun mi are excellent. Are there more great items? Yes. Did I list 50 percent of the menu already? I think you get the idea. I think this is a great restaurant and if you order correctly you really don’t have to spend a lot of money. So, next time it’s late and you are downtown get over there and see why Mr. Becker has all those James Beard awards.


New item: marinated razor clams with hearts of palm


New item: white asparagus with lardo


Nori encrusted sirloin with ponzu

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