I have eaten at Tilia many times since this old post and would like to tell you that the Fish Taco Torta! with a creamy peppadew pepper slaw, cilantro, lime and tortilla chips is obnoxiously good. Its fresh, insanely crunchy with the tortilla chips on the sandwich and extremely flavorful. I also love the burger and fries. The bun on the burger is perfect. Something that I find is never given the proper attention when it comes to making a great burger. The fries are thin, crispy, perfectly fried and seasoned. The fry sauce that goes along with the fries is addictive. It is a mixture of ketchup, ancho chilies, mayonnaise and other delicious things. The beer selection is second to none and is constantly changing. The only down side of this place is that it can be tough to get into. My favorite time to go is for a late lunch or early dinner. They call it the “in-between menu”. You can get the burger, fish taco torta and other delicious treats and not have to worry about getting a table. I know not everyone can swing the in-between time but next time you get a day off check it out!

I was very excited when I heard Steven Brown was opening up a new restaurant. It is located in my old neighborhood of Linden Hills where Rice Paper used to be. I just came in for a quick snack so I cannot say that I have that much experience with their menu. I can tell you their potted meat (in this case duck) was delicious. It was served with grilled bread, mustard and confited onion. The potted meat changes daily. I also had some meatballs in tomato sauce with all the usual garnishes and the surprise of some basil powder. It was interesting to say the least. All in all I can tell you I love the look and laid back vibe of the restaurant and they have an amazing beer selection. I’m definitely coming back and I suggest you do the same.


Tilia on Urbanspoon


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