Sea Change

Sea Change is a restaurant located on the lower level of the Guthrie Theater. Executive Chef Tim Mckee is no question one of the big shots when it comes to the Minneapolis food scene. The restaurant focuses on using sustainable seafood (no Chilean sea bass or bluefin tuna here). The cuisine served at Sea Change is extremely diverse and for the majority of the time well executed. If you’ve eaten at other restaurants in the Guthrie theatre I’m sure you’ve been disappointed, as have I. This is no question the best restaurant Guthrie has had to date. The vibe of the restaurant can be a little stuffy. A lot of items on the menu I have found to be overpriced. That being said the HAPPY HOUR is the best deal in town.

caramel corn. . .4
fish tacos/ chipotle/ pickled cabbage/ cilantro…5
french fries/ bonito salt/ lemon ailoi…5
sticky chicken wings/ ginger/ garlic…6
moules frites/ herb aioli…6
shrimp cocktail/ habenero cocktail sauce/ preserved lemon…8

I have tried everything excluding the caramel corn. The bouillabaisse for 6 dollars is the most ridiculous deal in town. The moules and frites are delicious. My only beef with anything on this menu is the corn tortillas on the fish tacos. They double them up Mexican style which I like, but they don’t heat them up enough so they are raw, cold and doughy tasting. That being said It’s still delicious fried fish with sauce and condiments for 6 dollars. Bottom line this happy hour is McDonald’s prices for a restaurant with a Tim Mckee stamp of approval. The happy hour is served sunday through thursday 3 p.m.- 6 p.m and 8 p.m. – 11 p.m. (monday 5 p.m.) So get out there and order a bowl of bouillabaisse or two! No seriously I order two.

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