Tin Fish

Tin Fish has as good of a location as it gets for restaurants in the Twin Cities. It’s casual, fresh and delicious. I would definitely call it one of the best fish tacos in the Twin Cities. Something unique is the size of the tacos. Generally, when I think of fish tacos, I think small little tacos. However, one taco at Tin Fish is more than enough. All the tacos come very “California” style (flour tortilla, cheddar cheese, crunchy cabbage, pico de gallo, special sauce and a huge fillet of fish that tastes like its been bathing in citrus). I think this place is great. You can get a fish taco, ice cold beer, a comfortable seat and watch the sunset on Lake Calhoun. I will warn you this place does get very busy when it’s nice out do be prepared to wait. As for the menu, they have a lot of options. When it comes to grilled, fried, various types of fish, stick to the grilled mahi mahi if your a first timer. I promise you won’t be disappointed.






Tin Fish on Urbanspoon


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