Harriet Brasserie

Harriet Brasserie has taken the place of Cafe 28 in Linden Hills. I was a big fan of Cafe 28 and I was sad to see it go. That being said, after reading the review in the taste section of the Star Tribune, I have to agree with Rick Nelson that this place is awesome. I also like that its not as popular as Tilia. Last weekend my friend and I wanted to go to Tilia around 10:00 pm and there was still a line. However, this ended up working in our favor. We ended up checking out the Harriet Brasserie and were pleasantly surprised. We started out with some small plates. The bison tartare which was a delicious deconstruction of the classic. Next, we had some mussels which were fairly standard but cooked correctly and better than most in the Twin Cities. Finally, the seared scallops with monkfish liver which was a truly epic dish. We both ended up getting the burger for our entrees which was an awesome choice. I will say it is definitely in the top five best burgers in town. The oyster mushrooms with truffle aioli and cheddar brought decadence to a whole new level. The fries were also absolutely perfect. I highly recommend asking for some bernaise for dipping those fries. My friend suggested and I gotta say it was a wonderful idea. The actual restaurant is gorgeous. It didn’t appear that much was changed from Cafe 28’s ambience. The building used to be an old firehouse and is a landmark. There are a lot of other interesting things on the menu I can’t wait to try. All I can say is you have to go and check this place out.

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