Corner Table Restaurant Minneapolis

I have wanted to eat at Corner Table for a very long time and last week I was lucky enough to finally check it out. Corner Table is a restaurant where you could consider their level of “localness” obsessive. When we entered it was early and the staff of the front of the house was doing finishing touches for dinner service. We were greeted by an extremely friendly server who seemed to know absolutely every detail about the menu, which is not easy when there are lots of courses and complicated cooking techniques. I decided to order the morel tasting menu which he highly recommended and it was the last night they were serving it. The server informed me there was a wine pairing to go with it. I am not a big wine drinker so I asked if he could pair my meal with their great beer selection and he obliged.

I started the first course with a little morel hush puppie and some sort of bright green ramp sauce. As visually appealing as the hush puppie looked it fell flat on flavor. I couldn’t taste the morels and it lacked salt.

IMG_5660 - Version 3

The next course was white asparagus wrapped in lardo with pickled mustard seeds and ramps. This course was a slam dunk. Bright, fresh, clean flavors and flawless execution.

IMG_5662 - Version 2

The third course was a morel custard with a baked egg and grilled bread. On paper this was a very delicious dish but a lack of seasoning unfortunately compromised bringing this dish to the next level.

IMG_5665 - Version 2

The ramp and asparagus risotto was creamy and rich however, the lack of seasoning again prevented this dish from being excellent.

IMG_5670 - Version 2

The asparagus salad with a poached egg was a knockout dish and luckily this was seasoned to perfection.

IMG_5671 - Version 2

Finally, the pièce de résistance was the seared duck breast with a black trumpet jus and fava beans. This dish was seasoned beautifully and the duck was a gorgeous medium rare with an unbelievable sauce.

IMG_5673 - Version 2I’m not a big dessert guy but this chocolate with korean chili powder and pistachios (I think) was delicious.

IMG_5676 - Version 2

This all being said, this is a great restaurant with great service. Our server paired every course with great beer beautifully for me. I tend to always like my food on the saltier side and excluding seasoning issues the execution and flavors were right on the money. If you are a wine person this is definitely a place you should check out.

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2 thoughts on “Corner Table Restaurant Minneapolis

  1. 7/13, went to corner table after reading your blog about the very tasty .the risotto had enough flavor but the rice was just too well done, not al dente. waiter Chris was terrific. salmon terrine and the salmon entree both excellent. too noisy!! would go back again.
    smoked salmon terrine excellent
    salmon entre delicate and prefectly cooked, very subtle, but not every flavor has to be gangbusters.
    too noisey


    the risotto was cooked a minute too long, so the rice was not al dente. still excellent flavors. the smoked salmon terrine was wonderful, the salmon entree was
    food presented well.
    nit to pick: the risotto
    acoustics terrible, I now have a headache from the noise.
    however, the food was plated well and the flavors were very good.

    • Hi Guys! Just a tardy thank you for the blog. It was very thoughtful, and we appreciate the attention to detail that you paid to the dishes. We hope to see you again! Also, Stuart Kaufman, just wanted to let you know that we have been upgrading our acoustics and will continue to do so. Thanks again for the post!

      -Nick Rancone (owner as well as your humble server that evening)

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