Dong Yang Restaurant

dong Yangdong yang menuIMG_6013IMG_6006IMG_6004I LOVE Korean food. I wish we had more Korean restaurants in the Twin Cities. There are no spectacular Korean restaurants in town but if you have a craving for Korean food and don’t feel like cooking, Dong Yang is pretty legit. Depending on where you live I would also recommend Korea Restaurant, Kimchi Tofu House and Mirror of Korea.

Dong Yang is located on Central Ave in Colombia Heights. It is a Korean grocery store with a small cafeteria. The kitchen is compiled of Korean grandmothers who don’t speak very good english. In my experience when going to “hole in the wall” ethnic restaurants the worse the english the better the food. My girlfriend loves dukbokki which is a rice cake comprised of  cooked rice that is compressed into spongy thick noodles. The rice cakes are cooked with veggies, fish cake and a sweet and spicy sauce. This is always the first test of any Korean spot we check out. She thinks Dong Yang and Korea Restaurant are at a dead tie. The next test was the banchan which is found at almost any Korean Restaurant and comes with any order. Banchan is lots of little side dishes that always vary but can consist of: pickled veggies, kimchi, tofu, seafood and so on. The Mandu or Korean pot stickers were good even though I’m pretty sure they are frozen. I’ve decided if you love dumplings the best frozen one’s are Korean ones found at asian markets. The final test was the galbi or grilled short ribs which had a lighter marinade and a ton of flavor but were not extremely tender. All in all, if you want some decent Korean food this is one of your better options in town.

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