Girl and the Goat

After being a Top Chef fan for years I have been really excited to eat at Stephanie Izzard’s flagship restaurant Girl and the Goat. For the last couple of years if you ask anyone where to eat in Chicago this seems to be one of the places that keeps popping up on everyone’s list. The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door was the Notorious B.I.G. blaring from the speakers. For a lot of a people this might be a turn off but for me it felt like I was right at home. Physically the restaurant was very nice looking and it gave off an “IT” place to be vibe. We were seated very promptly from the hostess where we were greeted by our extremely professional waiter. I was impressed by the beer selection and the menu was almost overwhelmingly in the sense that everything sounded fantastic. I appreciated the waiters decisiveness when we asked questions about the menu. We started off with some oysters, hamachi crudo and goat carpaccio. All three hit on all cylinders. Fresh, rich, creamy, acidic, salty, crunchy, spicy, savory and sweet. We then moved on to the main courses which consisted of a crispy fish in a coconut broth which was phenomenal. Then we had some lamb ribs which were also perfectly succulent and tender. The sauce which was loaded with marcona almonds was divine. Finally, we had to try their signature dish which is aptly named: “wood oven roasted pig face” which consisted of a sunny side up egg, roasted pig face, cilantro, tamarind, a red wine maple syrup sauce and potato sticks. The dish was good but I think a lot of people are getting sold on the name. It was one of my least memorable dishes of everything we tried. After dinner I found myself asking: was the hype real? I will say that the food was great. The restaurant definitely has a “cool” aura about it. The dishes were creative and innovative for sure. If i were coming back to Chicago I would go again. This all being said, I had a more memorable meal at Publican. Bottom line. If I put these two restaurants together Publican wins every time.




hamachi crudo


goat carpaccio


crispy fish with coconut broth


lamb ribs


oven roasted pig face

IMG_8290 IMG_8292 IMG_8295 IMG_8305

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